Our Vision

We bring together stars from all corners of our galaxy to create new theatre. Let them shine!

Our purpose is to help artists grow and create new works, while staying true to the humanity that we all share on this tiny spec of a planet we all call home. In this vast galaxy, we want to guide the new generation of artists in joining the ranks of stars from around the world. Let's create the next generation of broadway musicals and plays. Let's explore new projects with the next generation of performers. And let's bring together the next dream teams of creatives that will spearhead all of these projects. That's our goal. And together we can do it!


MWTC commits itself to groundbreaking, diverse displays of talent and I feel so fortunate to have worked with them. They are kind, compassionate, and care about the art AND the artist. I cannot wait to work with their team in the future.

-Chloe Selavka (Cabaret Season '22)

Working with MilkyWay has been an amazing experience. With each show I’ve done with them the cast and creative team have been so talented and supportive. I never felt unsafe in any rehearsal or performance space and I’m excited to work with them again. 

-Alexis Aguiar (Cabaret Season 22'/NWF '23)

Loved the creative process and connections I made when working with MilkyWay! The stories they help tell are so beautiful and important, It was so lovely to be apart of that. Support local theater and artists y’all !

-Chris King (NWF '23)

MilkyWay Theatre Company is doing inspiring work, bringing together artists to put on genuinely new and exciting works. I felt honored to work with the company, would love to do so again, and am beyond excited to see where they go next. This is the kind of company the theatre world needs. 

-Simon Broucke (NWF '23)

I was a stage manager for Masked-- one of the shows in MilkyWay's first New Works Festival. Even though I was pulled into the project last minute, I was extremely grateful for the support I got from the production team in filling me in on what I needed to know and giving me the resources that I needed to execute my job. Questions were encouraged and answered eagerly. It was amazing to be a part of a community of actors, singers, creators, and genius minds who all cared so deeply about the art they were part of and extended that care to the people around them.

-Victoria Kuo (NWF '23)

MilkyWay Theatre Company exists to convert their time and energy into space; a space for artists, who just need that Big Bang to get the world of their musicals going, with a singularity of radiant perspectives and diverse experiences. Singularity, Gravity, HD1, Milky Way, and the Gravity family are grateful for MilkyWay in granting ELLIPSES's maiden space.

-David Quang Pham (NWF '23)

I had the pleasure of playing Alejandro in Masked: The Musical. MilkyWay challenged the idea of what I’m capable of creating as an artist. My first passion was music but I always felt musical theater to be inaccessible to me. I was immersed in a company of talented individuals and I fell in love with the entire process. I’ve never learned 6 ensemble songs, choreography, and lines all in two weeks. The boot-camp feel inspired me to produce my best work. It reignited my love for singing!

-Daniel Gomez (NWF '23)